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Darts is a gentlemen's sport. There is a difference between "bar darts" with your buddies and competitive darts for money, prizes or notoriety. These are just general guidelines towards being a good sport during your match.

Starting and Playing the Match

  1. Introduce yourself to your opponent
  2. Start each game with a handshake and a kind word
  3. Maintain your composure, no matter the attitude of your opponent.
  4. Be ready to throw when it is your turn. Don't run off to the restroom, or the bar, or to talk to your friend... be ready to continue the game until the final dart.
  5. When you're opponent is throwing, stand at least two feet behind them and remain quiet. Refrain from twisting your darts in your hand or any other "nervous or noisy habit" (ie. do not create any sort of distraction).
  6. Remain still/quiet until your opponent has thrown all three darts and has returned behind the line.

Chalking and Scoring

  1. Once thrown, all three darts should remain in the board, untouched, until the chalker has scored the round (the exception to this may only be to touch a dart to keep it from falling out of the board, and only since darts do not score unless they remain there until they are touched).
  2. Do not argue with the chalker. In the event of a disagreement, consult first with you opponent for agreement. If you are still unable to reach agreement, mutual "impartial" parties should be consulted (eg. for league, this would be each team captain).
  3. Chalker should stand still, without talking and while facing their gaze directly on the board until all three darts are thrown.
  4. A chalker may speak, only when asked, and only to confirm the score of the darts thrown. In the case of an 01 game, the chalker may give the total points remaining, but may not advise a player as to their next target.
  5. A chalker should not move in any way, including to mark a score, until the third and final dart is thrown in each round. (ie. scores shall not be recorded until all three darts are thrown and are being retrieved by the player)


  1. In general, the same rules of etiquette apply as do to either of the players or the chalker.
  2. Remain quiet and only cheer or encorage players between throws. Do not talk while someone is standing at the oche line.
  3. Unless previously/mutually agreed, do not coach players as to their shots. (Note: there are certain exceptions to this rule. For example, partners may always coach one another.)
  4. Threats of physical violence, heckling, harassment, or any other distracting behavior is never appropriate for any of the spectators or participants.
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